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The Manchester Unity Order of Odd Fellow's was a friendly society (founded in Whittington in 1841) for working class people to help each other out in times of need. In the days before the welfare state members could protect themselves and their families against illness, injury or death. This photo shows the annual Odd Fellow's Fete. Members would meet in procession at The Bell and, headed by Whittington Brass Band, would march to the church for a service of thanksgiving, they then marched back through the streets to The Bell for dinner, speeches and singing. Circa 1900.

Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Civil and Military Lodge, Whittington in around 1910. The Buffaloes was a fraternal organisation which existed to aid members, their families, and other charitable organisations. Weekly meetings were held at The Bell, they were popularly known as 'the boozy Buffs'. One of their celebrated philanthropic activities was raising funds to found an orphanage in Aldridge.

Front Row 1st left: Mr Isaac, 3rd left: Harry Farnsworth; 4th left: Frank Foster; 2nd from the right: George Burgess; Middle Row 1st from the right: Mr Eaton; 2nd from the right Jack Pass.

The Oddfellows at the side of The Bell. Circa 1912.

Elford Friendly Society with Whittington Brass Band. Circa 1910.

The King's Messengers (boys) and Band of Friends (girls) were Christian children's groups led by Miss Hodges (centre), who was the Governess at Freeford Hall. One of their activities was making craft items for an annual 'Sale of Work' in order to raise funds for charity. Middle Row: Bill Ballenger far left. Front Row: Edward Pass 2nd from the left, Jack Pass 3rd from left, Reg Swain 4th from the left, Bill Carter 3rd from the right. Circa 1918.

Whittington Women's Institute charabanc outing circa 1925. Whittington W.I. is one of the oldest in the country, being founded in 1916 one year after the movement began. It had two clear aims: to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War.

Whittington Mother's Union 1938. It was a Christian charity with the aim of bringing mothers of all social classes together to provide support for one another and to be trained in motherhood.


Another photo of Whittington Mother's Union. June 1948.



Whittington W.I. outside the church in 1950.

Standing back row, left to right: Mrs M (Horace) Ball, Mrs C Larkin, Mrs Vivienne Dewes (Whittington Court), Mrs Phillis Baines, Mrs M Rozier, Mrs Marjorie Fisher (hiding), Mrs Emily Pilsbury, Margaret? (who worked at the OLD Hall, Mrs B Leedham, Mrs Rose Beckett, Mrs Sylvia Hewkin (lived at Fisherwick Dairy Farm).

Standing middle row, left to right: Mrs Wakeman, Mrs Atkinson (lived at Green Gardens, The Green), Mrs M Kendrick, Mrs Flo Withers (with boy), Unknown, Mrs D Deakin, Mrs E Cullen, Mrs Grant, Mrs Britt, Mrs D Williams, Mrs Allsopp, Mrs M Young, Mrs Mary Owen, Mrs H Boston (lived at Church Farm), Mrs Blewitt (Post Office), Mrs Rose (Elfield House), Mrs J Mitchell (later Mrs Swain), Mrs Crab.

Seated front row: Mrs Hilda Hunt (Cook at the Old Hall), Mrs A Beckett, Mrs S Carter, Mrs M Beckett, Mrs D Pitz, Mrs Bantom, Mrs B Evans (Green Farm), Mrs I Inge, Mrs B Colquhoun, Mrs Foden, Mrs A Baines, Mrs F (Percy) Pearce, Mrs Fradley, Mrs R Linney, Mrs Harrison (Jockey Hill, Freeford).



Whittington and District Amateur Dramatics Society (WADAMS) cast in a 1954 production of Big Top.



The inaugural meeting of the Whittington Over-60s Club. Circa 1970.

Back row, left to right: Mrs Baker, Unknown lady, Mrs Pearman, Mrs Atkins, Unknown lady, Mrs Wallis, Mrs Linney, Mrs Carter, Mr Webb, Mr Tempest, Mrs Tempest

Second from back row, left to right: Unknown gentleman with pipe, Mrs Revill, Mr Chadwick, Mrs Bridgen, Unknown lady, Mrs Tibbets.

Third from the back, left to right: Mr Coxe (face partly out of frame), Mrs Tungate, Mrs Coxe (face partly obscured), Mrs Swan, Mrs Shelley, Mrs Leah, Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Beckett, Mrs Moore.

Second from the front, left to right: Mrs Jones, Mrs Burkes, Mrs Smith, Miss Lees, Mrs Blewitt, Unknown lady in white hat, Tom Spinks.

Seated front row, left to right: Mrs Young, Mrs Gardener, Mrs Eaton, Reverend Davis, Mr Pitz, Mr Wallis.



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