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Abraham Arnold delivering bread in his delivery cart. Circa 1890. Arnold's Central Bakery was on Main Street on the site of the present day Co-op.

The original Whittington Post Office on Main Street. Circa 1910.

Freda Jones outside Aston's Stores (on the site of the present day Co-op). 1947.

Mrs Leach lived and worked at Yew Tree Cottage for over 40 years. Leach's General Store opened in 1932. It was described as the perfect village shop - everything one needed was there from pins, needles, cottons, wools, ribbon, socks, dusters, shelves stacked with every sort of tin & packet from baked beans to Bisto. The floor space filled with sacks & baskets of this & that. Toiletries, glass jars on the counter filled with tempting Bulls Eyes, Pear Drops & Toffees. Sugar was carefully weighed out into stout blue paper bags and bacon was sliced to your required thickness. It closed in 1976.

Post Mistress Dorothy Pitz outside Whittington Holt (the village's second Post Office). Circa 1963.

Another view of Whittington Holt, showing the buildings that were partly demolished in 1968.

 Taken from roughly the same spot as the photograph above, with new shops including John Cook's Butchers shop. Circa 1970.

The third site of the village Post Office on Main Street from 1968. Formerly Edward's. Circa 1990.


Whittington Wines off-licence traded from the early 1980s until the mid-1990s. It is now the site of the Post Office.

The Co-Op took over the site when Aston's Stores closed in 1952. This photograph is circa 1988.

Yew Tree Cottage was bought by Elsa & Humphrey Crawshaw in 1988 who ran it as an antiques shop. It closed in 2010. It is now occupied by Downes & Daughters Estate Agents.

Charlie Boston's Farm Shop off Darnford Lane. The Boston's were market gardeners and used to travel to Birmingham market with vegetables on a horse and cart in 1920s.  They subsequently switched to Burton market and also supplied Jones Greengrocers’ shop in Burton.

Charlie started selling vegetables at home in quantity in the 1950s and a farm shop grew up in an old poultry shed!  It was never advertised, but was widely used by Whittonians. He was known for good quality, unwashed vegetables at low prices. Charlie retired in 1991.

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