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1910s & 1920s

Harry Berks on the Whittington of his youth

Margaret Hackett (nee Pass) reminisces about her childhood in the inter-war years.

1930s & 1940s

Joe Wardle's memories of working as a gardener at the Old Hall

Dorothy Foote (nee Foster) looking back on her life in Whittington.

Sid Pass describes the village from the 1920s-1940s

Derek Leedham's wartime memories

Patrick Hogan's wartime memories

1950s & 1960s

Dorothy Boston (nee Hood) looks back on life at the Boston family farms in Whittington.

Are you an Old Whittonion? We are looking to expand the memories section of the website and capture the history of the village into the 1950s and 1960s.


If you would like your memories saved for posterity please do get in touch. We can arrange a visit  to record your recollections or alternatively you can send them via email.

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