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A map of Whittington field patterns circa 1300 before The Enclosures. For centuries villagers used the open field system; mowing meadows for hay, growing crops in long strips, or grazing livestock on common land. Once enclosed, these uses of the land became restricted to the owner, and it ceased to be land for commons.

Whittington in the Mid-18th century. The land is almost entirely in the hands of a landed elite worked by tenant farmers. The landscape is dominated to the north by Fisherwick Park, which had been landscaped by Capability Brown who planted 400 acres with 100,000 trees, with picturesque avenues, vistas, leisure gardens and a lake.

An 1775 map of Whittington and surrounding settlements.

An 1840 Tithe map of Whittington.

An 1883 map of Whittington.

A 1923 map of Whittington.

An aerial photograph of Whittington on the cusp of change in 1963. Work has just started on the Spring Lane housing development. There is no Bramley Way, Pass Avenue, Neal Croft, Rock Farm Road, Barley Croft, Fisherwick Close, Dyott Avenue, Darby Avenue, Noddington Avenue, Middleton Road, Falcon Drive, Merlin Way, Kestrel Close or Perrigrine Close!


(Courtesy of http://www.allaboutlichfield.com)

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