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The Barracks

Officers stationed at Whittington Barracks circa WWI.  Standing left to right - Ln. Rutherford, Capt. Elens, Capt. Birt, Capt. Hume-Kelly, Capt. Kibly, Ln. Hayes, Capt. Campbell, Capt. Williams, Capt. Collas, 2nd Ln. Cuthbert, Capt. Falls, 2nd Ln. Lees. Sitting Middle Row left to right - Capt. Woolf, Capt. de Jouce, Major Bulmer, Col. Seckham, Major Seckham, Ln Brown, Capt. Moore. Sitting front row - Ln Kinnaird & Ln. Cock.

A 1908 postcard showing an unknown Sergeant with his young family outside the Keep.

A 1891 postcard showing the new blocks.

The Military Hospital in 1907. The garden was kept for many years by villager Jack Pass.

A lone soldier stands at the rear of the Military Hospital. The hospital had beds for 66 patients, an infectious disease ward and a mortuary.

The Soldiers Home, which was originally the grandstand of Whittington Racecourse. It is today the clubhouse of Whittington Golf Club.



The rear of the Soldier's Home circa 1920.


A postcard of the Officers' Quarters. Date unknown.



Second World War hero Field Marshall Montgomery was warmly received by a large crowd of well-wishers at Whittington Barracks for the Territorial Army Review in June 1949.



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